The Best 6 Days of My Life So Far! Nishma Gurung (AS Non-Science )

“Blue skies and those majestic mountains are the first thing I envy while reminiscing my trip to “MUSTANG “. We knew we were having fun but we never realized that we were making a bag full of memories which is going to be cherished for a lifetime. Reaching the destination, learning and discovering new things was not only the things we decided to do but in fact having fun and enjoying each and every moment was more in our “TO – DO “ list. If this tour was not with friends I guess the journey would have been very tiring and hectic but we were so busy enjoying and appreciating each others company that hours and hours in those bumpy – off roads we >felt like nothing. They say “ if you are with the people you love; time, money and age is just a number”. I guess makes sense to me; no wonder these 6 days passed in a blink of an eye with the best people I choose to surround myself with. Not only discovering about nature and places I also discovered a lot of things about myself like “My interest towards adventure and love towards nature, “ “my capabilities to take care of myself and get involved.“
“Exploring new things and many more. Also with studies and discoveries, many things were completed from my bucket list which was already a plus point for me for joining the tour. To summarize these 5 nights and 6 days I’d say was more like a rollercoaster ride for me; scary but at the same time a very beautiful experience which will remain as a memory in my heart and head for the rest of my life.

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