Leadership Outdoor Course

July 10, 2017

On the 6th July and 7th July LA organized Leadership Outdoor Course for AS students of GCE A Level in coordination with Himalayan Medics in Orchid Farm, Godavari. The course was led by Rajesh Lama, Executive Director of Himalayan Medics with a team of highly skilled outdoor leadership instructors comprising of Ajay Narsingh Rana, Kripa Dangol, Mangal Lama, Punam Limbu, Chanit Lal Tamang, Sushant K.C. and Luckymee Tamang. The two day event focused on a safe, secure environment, educated students on first aid, care and minimizing risks in case of casualties.The program taught important features of leadership skills, team building, group communication, problem solving and trust in a student centered and an enjoyable environment.0Y9A8316 0Y9A8299 0Y9A8538 0Y9A85730Y9A85250Y9A8334 0Y9A8336 0Y9A8340 0Y9A8341 0Y9A8342 0Y9A8345 0Y9A8347 0Y9A8348 0Y9A8353 0Y9A8355 0Y9A8356 0Y9A8358 0Y9A8359 0Y9A8360 0Y9A8362 0Y9A8363 0Y9A8365 0Y9A8366 0Y9A8367 0Y9A8368 0Y9A83700Y9A85270Y9A85290Y9A85120Y9A85140Y9A8488

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