We Wish you Joy and Success!

April 20, 2018

“Farewell batch of 2016-2018 we celebrate, rejoice and wish you a wonderful journey and great success ahead.”LAC GCE A Level bid a heart-warming farewell to the outgoing students amidst an august gathering with Mr. Allen Bilochan Tuladhar, Microsoft World Regional Director as the Chief Guest. Other distinguished members present were Lt. Gen. P.B. Limbu; Chairman of the School Management Committee, Mr. Rajesh Shrestha; Director Finance, special invitees, teachers, staff and parents. We applaud Ashim Chandra Mandal who was awarded the title of Student of the Year 2018, Swochhanda Pandey and Sinthiya Kapali for being awarded Mister LA A Level and Miss LA A Level, Hirona Neupane for Outstanding Persona and Jenish Bajracharya for Excellence in Cambridge Exam series.

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