Umesh Shrestha and Bidya Limbu, Founders

Welcome to LA!

When we started Little Angels’ School in 1981, there were not as many schools.  As a result of this, there was a severe crunch in human resources. Nepal desperately needed a strong and fast growing educational sector to elevate the way of life and also to produce consistently superior human resources to lead the country forward.

In a small rented building, we started with a small school with classes from kindergraden to class one. It was to be a child center, different from other places with multiple activities and a place that focused on overall development besides just formal education.

Today, 32 years later, we can proudly say that out efforts have paid off; we are the best today in terms of quality education and infrastructure too. Our journey from a small building to the one of the biggest schools in the country speaks volumes about our hard work, belief in our values and our work ethics. It is also symbolic of our ambition, to grow into having our own university.

If you have joined LA or are thinking about it, let me assure you that our ambition and work ethics are infectious. Come grow with us, be a part of Nepal’s shining future!


Shristi Limbu, Corporate Director

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

With this quote in mind, we constantly strive to better ourselves as an educational institution. We determinedly create and reach higher standards in education due to our core belief that an individual can grow, learn and be successful. Our prime aim is to ensure that we excel in quality education from kindergarten to the bachelors level. We strongly focus on the 21st century where we implement new modes of interactive learning with technology. We believe that education is no longer limited to the classroom and we wish for our students to gain the strength and reach challenges of life-long learning. Our highly qualified and commitment faculty always ensures our students’ success.

We have constantly strived to meet the demands of the growing trends in education  Our institute has now expanded to include the university level. We have always insured that it stands firm in its ethics and principles in education. LA’s success resides in our diverse student body, outstanding faculty members and our committed staff. Our tradition of academic excellence spans three decades and our beloved alumni have surpassed in local national and international environments, standing out in engineering, medical, industry, law, academia and the arts. With our strong tradition and values, we tirelessly work to bring the LA institution into the global forefront in the 21st century.


Rajesh Shrestha, Finance Director

LA school started small with only 65 students. Our ideas however and our vision were always larger than life. With the aim of setting up a school that would provide an international standard of education at an affordable rate, LA continued to move ahead and grow.

Every year the LA family would grow by one class. Today we have 7000 students and to be modest, we have struggled to get where we are and to make LA, the institution that it is today. From kindergarten to Undergraduate level programs, LA has indeed grown fast and strong today.

The strengths of the institutions are apparent to anyone who visits the facilities. LA has the best physical infrastructure in the country, a faculty comprising teachers who have 15-20 years of experience in their respective fields and a fee structure that allows a maximum number of students to afford quality education. It is all of this success and the awards we have won that have encouraged us today in our pursuit of the goal of opening our own university.

LA will only grow and get stronger with every passing year.

Prabhat Chhetry, Programme Coordinator

Welcome to Little Angels’ College, GCE A Levels!

Established in 2009, our College is committed to creating the avenues for young people to follow their dreams.Internationally accredited curriculum of Cambridge University and core components of Advanced Level Education to see our pupils grow into confident, responsible, engaged and innovative individuals are acquiescent with LA’s vision and mission.We have created a culturally rich and contemporarily distinct Learning Community of competent teachers as well as enthusiastic and aspiring students who work together to prepare for life. Our students are enabled to think independently and analyze critically. We avail the opportunities for their holistic development and encourage them to think beyond the box. Imaginations run riot and so do our pupils’ thoughts! Our state of the art infrastructure and spacious campus with full fledged facilities support the youths to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially so that they can accommodate comfortably in the global community in their latter life. Many of our graduates are cherry picked by renowned universities worldwide.

Some choices are life changing and if you choose to peek into LA’s A Level College, we would love to share some piece of our mind with you.