Farewell Program, 2019

Heartiest Congratulations to all students and Miss LAC 10+2, Sijan Sapkota, 12  Commerce ‘G’, Mr. LAC 10+2, Kamal Gurdhami, 12  Science ‘I’  and Student of the Year, Annie  Shrestha, 12 Commerce ‘A’.  We wish you unlimited success and a great future. Founder Director, Mrs. Bidya Limbu, Lt. Gen Phatteh Bahadur Limbu, Chairman of the School Management Committee, Director, Finance, Mr. Rajesh Shrestha, Corporate Director, Ms. Shristi Limbu Sherpa, Vice Principals of LAC 10+2; Mr. Krishna Datta Awasthi, Mr. Jeevan Maharjan, Chief Administrator, Mr. Nabin Shrestha along with all the dignitaries of LA were present to wish them great success and a shining future ahead.


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