LAC 10+2 Welcomes the New Batch of 2017

Hearty welcome and best wishes to the new Grade 11 students, batch of 2017, LAC 10+2.
A variety of events with a tone of celebration marked the Orientation and Welcome Program, Mr. Josh Bahadur Niraula Certified NLP Trainer, Coach and Educator gave a presentation on motivation and creativity. Vice Principals, Jeevan Maharjan and Krishna Dutta Awasthi warmly welcomed, introduced the LAC 10+2 faculty members and the curriculum. Prof.Dr. Daya Ram Shrestha addressed the gathering with an inspiring speech.Founder Chairman,Mr. Umesh Shrestha, Chairman of the School Management Committee, Lt. Gen Phatteh Bahadur Limbu, Founder Director, Ms. Bidya Limbu, Finance Director, Mr. Rajesh Shrestha and Corporate Director, Ms. Shristi Limbu Sherpa and dignitaries extended their warm welcome to all the new students




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