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About Us

The Little Angels’ Group started with the LA School, back in 1981 when there was little in the name of educational facilities and even less to show for child centered education. Needless to say, the country’s development was stunted with a dearth of educated professionals who could drive the country forward.

When LA School opened with a small building providing quality education, it became more than just a school. It created a gateway for Nepali children, girls and boys to the world beyond what they knew. It opened up possibilities for them, of further education, of careers. And this was exactly what LA aimed for.

More than three decades down the line, LA’s success has been phenomenal with the school expanding and growing into a family of more than 7000 students. It has also expanded structurally into many colleges that teach a plethora of subjects, all with the intention of grooming the future of the country through our forays into specialised schools.

LAG has now moved out of its comfort zone in Kathmandu to branch out into the rest of the country by planning on model schools in each district in the country. These will set the bar for other schools that hope to imitate our institutions. Technical schools – nursing, engineering, medicine and vocational education will also be made available for students. In the near future, all of these programs will come together to help us in our ultimate aim of opening a science and management based university, with a board of trustees to govern the various institutions.

Additionally, in true LAG style and work ethic, the revenue generated through our initiatives in tourism, hydro power and agricutlrual farming will go into our CSR activities.