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GCE A Level

Little Angels’ College, GCE A Level:
The ‘gold standard’ of international qualifications, General Certificate of Education Advanced Level, or A Level, offers Cambridge qualification to students with a  wide range of subjects to choose from. Globally bench marked and recognized worldwide, the course is accepted as an entry qualification to universities all around the world.
LA ensures a well rounded academic experience in an ambiance that enriches the academic journey of   each student. With highly qualified lecturers and experts to guide you we offer  personalized service combined with student-friendly modalities to help you excel academically and  open unlimited  possibilities in the professional field.

Subjects offered:
Science: Chemistry, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English General Paper

Elective Subject Offered: Computer Science, Biology

Non science: Economics, Business, English General Paper

Elective Subject Offered: Mathematics & Accounting, Computer & Mathematics, Sociology & Psychology

Extra Elective (Optional) : Law, Art and Design, French, English Literature

The A Level syllabus is subdivided into two parts:
•    The AS syllabus content is  expected to be covered in the first half of the course
•    Part two of the syllabus in the second year  is referred to as ‘A2’ and is completed in the second year
•    Additional tuition is offered wherever applicable.


Examinations take place twice a year in June and November with results issued in August and January
•    You can take all A Level components in the same examination session at the end of a course of study,usually at the end of the second year (Year 13)
•    Follow a staged assessment to an A Level by taking the AS qualification in one examination session, and the A2 assessment in a subsequent session
•    Take the AS qualification only  either at the end of a one-year or two-year course
•    There are six passing grades (A* – E).
•    LA provides scholarship to outstanding meritorious students who fulfill certain criteria

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