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Corporate Social Responsibility

LA believes in giving back to the public from which it received so much trust and adoration. Its Corporate Social Responsibility is, therefore, more than just about spending money. It is about being able to see a bigger picture and of envisioning a progressive, culture and civic society.

Some of its CSR interests are in developing public schools, their libraries and infrastructure. They are part of a community of private schools which give at least 3% scholarships, which in total results in 7000 scholarships each year. These are not just 7000 students’ lives they are changing but  households and entire villages as well.

We have also ventured outside of the main city to villages to develop needy schools and their infrastructure. We also have scholarships for talented, rural area students whose lives and education have been affected by the conflict.

Along these same lines, we have also started to manage schools in rural areas, turning them from failures to successes. LA is also a major donor for the Rotary Clubs in Nepal, providing funds for various focused projects and also helping with organizing health camps.