The auditorium is a versatile space for celebrations, assembly, award ceremonies, sports, and drama. The well-equipped auditorium has high-quality lighting and sound system with a seating capacity of 500 .



LAS has a well-equipped spacious library that currently boasts of an impressive updated collection of books from all genres. From academic research to classic novels, inspiring autobiographies on great personas and great lives, there is something to grab the interest of every book love


School Infirmary

LAS offers primary medical care to all our students. We have a well-equipped infirmary and sick room on the premises. Easy accessibility and proximity to major and reliable hospitals as well as standby vehicles for emergencies are features that make it a safe haven. Qualified health professionals are ever-present to promote a healthy and safe environment.


Sporting facilities

Education in LAS is incomplete without sports. Sports enhance confidence, self-esteem and empower students. Our students have won national and international acclaim in various sporting events. We make sure that none of the students miss out on the wide-ranging sports facilities and the plethora of activities and events. The nation’s most wide-ranging sports and recreation complex with premium facilities is one of the most important aspects of LAS. Various facilities:

  • Football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and swimming pool with lifeguards
  • Provisions for indoor sports activities such as badminton, table tennis, and martial arts
  • Internationally and nationally acclaimed coaches, instructors in various disciplines

Computer Labs



Science Labs


Valued Voice